“The question is not what you look at but what you see” - Thoreau

   My work is an ongoing process involving various genres from representational to expressionistic.  I am continually experimenting with mediums and methods, working instinctually.  What motivates me is pushing the envelope, taking risks and injecting visuals and textures that beckon my viewers to get close. 

I collage and de-collage, utilizing acrylics, inks, oil sticks, charcoal and graphite; I combine textiles and ephemera that is made and found. My creations are never realistic, injecting my own personal narrative.  With layers of oddities, old photographs and text, I integrate them in each work, presenting my view of the world, at times whimsical and using metaphors to convey my thoughts.  These bits and pieces I find everywhere, scouring city streets, flea markets, and antiquarian book stores.       

My artistic endeavor is to stimulate and intrigue, make a connection with the viewer, bringing their life experiences to the work, a commonality between us.