Thursday September 28, 2017

Began my PAPERBILITIES 5 week session at Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, CT.

Today was devoted to create a personal paper inventory. A palette of 3-4 fluid acrylic colors. using gel plates, brayers, marking tools, stencils so each student could let loose their child-like imagination.

Great to see everyone smiling & sharing their “Happy Accident” techniques!

The theme will be a multi-layered CITYSCAPE, so they will go online & google cityscape art in collage & PINTEREST to give them visual ideas.

Next week they will continue embellishing their paper inventory with stamping, gesso raised stencils, resist techniques.

We will discuss the composition of CITYSCAPE, horizontal, vertical, and prepare substrate with gesso. I have given them choices of Arches rough 300lb. paper, wood panel, stretched canvas & size no larger in height & width of 24 inches.

Yours in Art,